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build relationships and inspire action.

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Video Marketing, Solved.

We know how hard it can be to incorporate video marketing into your business. We are an award winning film company with a deep passion for helping small businesses succeed. With a good strategy, we keep the story moving and keep audiences on their toes.

Content Calendar


Pieces of Micro Content a Month

video marketing


Video Stories / Facebook Ads - A Month

Grab Attention

Attention is in high demand, capture it with quality content.

Engage Daily w/ Micro Content

Micro content like gifs and photos have a way of capturing a moment in a very special way. It’s no wonder brands use gifs as a way to grab attention and stop people in their tracks. Go ahead, click on one of the gifs and watch the video it comes from.

A System For Success

There’s a few steps to creating good content.

beeing team brainstorming


Everything starts with a conversation. Let’s get aquainted, see if there’s a connection and throw some ideas at the wall!

video production

Capture Content

Once we pull our ideas off the wall and put them on paper, shotlist in hand, Lights, Camera and Action! We are ready to start making videos!

content distribution

Disribute Content

Video Marketing is 50% good content and 50% good distribution. With a few tweaks we can tailor and repurpose content for multiple platforms and channels.

checking in with beeing

Circle Back

We care about results plain and simple. We always circle back and talk about the impact. Analytics in hand, we can see how well we hit the mark and if their is anything we can do to maximize results.

Our Values

Kinda like a scouts honor thing, we live it. 

Analytics Going All The Way Up

Plan to Win

Read The Manual

Read the Manual

Be Promt

Be Prompt

Magnetic Attraction

Be Attractive

Computer Distributing content

Be Resourceful

tick tock time doesnt wait

Be on Time

Bee In Good Company

Now we’re bragging! Look at these beautiful companies. They trust us to do their video marketing and we sure are proud. Below you will find videos from all over the diffrent sectors of our world.


Always know what you’ll pay.




Continuously spread the word about your company with 30-45 second videos.

30 – 45 Second – Video Story / Facebook Ad

 Pieces of Micro Content
(Video Clips, Photos, Gifs)

Monthly Package Rates Have a 3 Month Minimum.

Pricing Does Not Include Out Of Area Travel
Prices are subject to change  In the future.



$1495and up

Full-Production Projects

All hands on deck we create an amazing story about your company. 

Content Action Plan

Fully Produced – Video Story

18 Pieces of Micro Content
(Video Clips, Photos, Gifs)



Here are some common questions about beeing.

Let’s See…

How is my price determined?

Well, depends on what kind of package best suites you. On the monthly packages we offer videos at a tremendous value because of the consistent nature of the packages showing true long term value for both parties.

One off videos are priced at a competitive range yet still offer tremendous value.

How long is the turn around for a video?

We turn around videos within 1 week from shooting the video. We don’t rush but if something needs more urgency we accept a $400 urgency fee.

Who keeps the footage after the shoot?

We typically take the footage and create 2 backups, at client’s request we are happy to transfer footage to a drive provided by the client.

How does beeing get paid?

We use PayPal Business Center Billing, it’s free for client’s and takes all debit and credit cards.

Unless impossible another way, we do not accept checks.

How long has beeing been a company?

Almost 4 years as of Q4 2017

We live in Phoenix.
We work everywhere






221 E Indianola Ave Phoenix, AZ

Tel: 602- 492-5859

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at Great@beeing.us  or call us on 602.492.5859