The Legendary PHX Barista ThrowDown

Experience 32 Baristas,
Watch 62 Pours,
Creating 1 Legend

Sip Coffee and Beer Garage ­3620 E Indian School Rd,
Phoenix, AZ 85018

September 1st, 2016 at 7:00pm

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The Phoenix Valley’s coffee scene is thriving, with the makings of local roasters, creative coffee shops and talented baristas, we have the perfect ingredients for The Legendary PHX Barista Throwdown.

There are a lot of passionate coffee lovers out there, and whether to you, coffee is an art, an expression, a livelihood, or your lifeline in the morning, Barista Throw Down is a showcase of what the Phoenix Valley community brings to the table ­ coffee table that is! This city has a lot to offer and there are a lot of baristas in this city, but this throw down will prove who’s pour will out­ skill them all.



The Legendary PHX Barista Throw Down is about bringing together the creative community to support our favorite coffee shops, the best baristas, and of course, everyone’s love for coffee. Creatives Collide continues to build a stronger community through friendly competition. So this time we’re rallying up 32 of the valley’s most talented, creative and passionate baristas in a challenge to step up and throw down for The Best Barista in the Valley.

Baristas will compete tournament style to create their most beautiful latte art. Each round will showcase two baristas pushing their limits to produce the winning pour. Every duel will be broadcasted live onto two large monitors where the audience will be able to experience every skill, steam, pour and production each Barista will make, so that you, the audience can determine which barista will battle on to the next duel.



Coffee & Beer, OH MY!

The Baristas won’t be the only ones getting crafty with their Latte Art. Enjoy Two(2) complimentary craft beers with your ticket, cheers to that! Every event ticket is also accompanied with a raffle ticket for awesome coffee prizes!

Throw Down

Step up your game and throw down the competition. Baristas show us what you’ve got! Baristas throw down a $15 pre­registration fee to earn:

● A spot to fill the single elimination bracket of 32

● A test to push your artistic talents

● An opportunity to rep your coffee shop and hometown


The 2016 Legendary PHX Barista Throw Down RUNNER­UP will earn some Awesome Barista Swag and other great merchandise!

The 2016 Legendary PHX Barista Throw Down WINNER will earn the well deserved title as The Best Barista in the Valley and A $200 cash prize!

The Supporters

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The Commissioner(s)

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